Blimey…… I am TRYING to have a media boycott and bring forth the internal ‘omness’ I managed to soak up last week during the ‘Timeout’ but it has been IMPOSSIBLE to escape the coverage of Glasto

It seems that the ‘Jezza luuuuuurve’ is now turning into some kind of hysteria.  The soup whisk whizzing hell for leather

AND I’ve returned to work with the usual ‘system’ hiccups and failures and general crazyness of what seems to be my daily life

Seems to me on one hand you have Theresa having taken her bat home and jumped into bed with UDP becoming ever more Thatcherite…and on the other Jezza taking the JC effect seriously and milking it like a rock star

We seem to be living in BONKERS times at present…..I was hoping for a more consensus style government but it looks like this is not to be

Hmmmm some good sets on at Glasto tho from what I heard… not sure about the BeeGee tho….Oh damn it….yes….yes ok….he was very good for entertainment value

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