Time Out…

Yep….cannot watch the news at the moment

Thing is….with everything going on am worried sick at the moment

SO…..have come away to the place that has offered me a little peace amongst the madness before

Yep….back to the Kadampa centre….where although buddhist….as long as respectful of buddhist way when visiting….there is no pressure

And I mean NO pressure…..you can FEEL the calm as soon as you walk in…..even the birds, squirrels etc come SO close you could touch them when sat outside… I reckon they can feel the ‘vibe’ also
……its my 4 th stay here over the years ( 3 in the last 3 years) and its ALWAYS lovely but different each time

I always said I didn’t believe in ‘religion’ per se…..I respect them all tho when practiced with ‘faith’

But I’ve SERIOUSLY lost the ability to meditate over the past 18 months….in fact the ability to do ANYTHING consistantly…. am hoping will get it back whilst here 

Have been reading too… 

In the lounge here there is a bookshelf and I picked a book up called.. 

‘How to solve our human problems’ and there was a little piece of paper popped between the pages as a marker on the subject of overcoming anger

And yep…..we ALL suffer from it at some point ….internalised as ‘depression’ or full blown ‘aggression’ ……hmmmmm and there’s a LOT of it about just now 

The more am reading the more sense its making…..maybe we DO need ‘religion’…. certainly some kind of ‘spritual’ element to balance  the aggressive capitalism. cybercrime and warmongering we have at the moment

Hmmmmm food for thought

Ooooops…..have just found out even Nuns have to do admin…..Buggar!!!

Thats scuppered any future notions of that then;)

They ARE lovely tho….the monks and nuns.. ..as is everyone you meet here…

Hmmmm am I buddhist?

Not sure…..this ere book sure makes a lot of sense tho


SO this morning awoke to the usual sound of birdsong only that you get when you stay here…..no traffic…..no phones, radio’s,  TV, tablets etc….just birdsong and the slight rustle of trees

Up….showered….breakfast and joined the morning meditation….back to room for a little rest then on way out saw a group hacking away to clear a neglected and overgrown part of the garden….had said before felt I wanted to give somthing back to this place so helped out….thing is….this little patch now looks like my own garden….kind of semi cleared but STILL needs rotivating and planting otherwise it will be a mess again in no time

Blimey am starting to think this is all too familiar of late 

Still…. am far more fortunate than many…at least I have a roof and a garden ( the latter of sorts)

ANYWAY then lunchtime meditation followed by an insightful chat with the monk leading it AND a HUG…….much needed at the moment I can tell you

Followed by lunch and further insightful chats with a couple of residents AND visitors like myself

I was saying that every stay here is different but ALWAYS beneficial….it doesnt really sink in till a couple of days after you’ve left

Oh.. .and I’ve bought the book….plus another one ‘Modern Buddhism’ both written by the founder Gesha Kelsang Gyatso…..the Tibetan monk I have mentioned in a previous post AND a prime example….nay more than….of the benefits of immigration….or maybe I should say migration….he migrates like a bird….as do many Tibetan monks….and it wasn’t out of choice….but am glad they did

Hmmmmm……then I nipped into Pocklington and bought some biscuits at the market as a little thankyou

And now am in my cosy room about to read….have a couple of biccy’s   (Hey….change is gradual …I won’t eat them ALL. …honest!!!) then a little nap before tea….a walk round the lake and a further meditation


A little restless last nightbut settled after 1/2 an hour and slept thro

Interesting ‘teaching’ after meditation about  ‘Love’and ‘insecure attachment’ followed by some interesting discussion of some of the young people staying here….interesting questions for intetesting times we are living thro at the moment.but ultimately reassuring that EVERYONE wants ‘happyess’for want of a better word… Its just sometimes questionable how we go about trying to find it…..

And how do we deal with those out to do us ‘harm’?


The Jews trusted in their ‘faith’ in 1930’s Germany and look what happened there

Is there a difference between ‘passion’ and ‘anger’…if not…..when does it tip over

Hmmmmm…..the difficulties and barriers…challenges of human existence

As stated in a previous post and mentioned by one of the monks last night

If ALL children were taught meditation on starting school….if we could all get into the habit of daily practice… 

like brushing our teeth say…..THIS would help considerably

Dogma is not good….but maybe at this moment in time MANY peoples are feeling’insecure’…..withdrawing to their particular ‘side’…..

Its all about ‘ intention’ I guess

Right at this moment in time I personally am feeling very calm and peaceful…..can this state of mind be carried foreward I wonder

Hmmmmm…..with regular practice I believe so….. temporary reprieves at least 


Am having a media fast at the moment ( was going to say ‘boycott’ but its gentler than that)…..it must be a carry over from ‘retreat’….everything VERY quiet in the house and noticing all kinds of ‘energy’ when I go outside…..kids playing out….dog walkers….folks of all ages meandering about as they do in summer….its kind of like watching a movie but very nice     

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