The most important job in the Universe!!!

Sam’s struggling to get his head around it…..he’ll get over it tho am sure


As for me….am just stuck at home bloody knitting YAWN…..shame you’ve already got a sidekick….if he gets lost in space or something Jo….you know…..would be more than happy to stand in till he gets back..Hmmmm and I could don a rather natty knitted cape to boot 

Well actually its a scarf

No its a blanket

Well actually am not sure what it is yet but still

Sunday……. a mixed blessing

So…….awoke this morning to the eldest slumped on the sofa watching The Andrew Marr Show…..’Gobsmacked’ I believe is the right phrase to describe how I felt about this

I had plans for today too….yes PLANS…it doesnt happen often BUT I had heard on the radio Lister Park Bradford (old stomping ground) had created a gallery space dedicated to the life and works of David Hockney who spentvhis formative years here ..and is apparantly 80…. yep EIGHTY!!!!

Hmmmm…..I want some of what he’s having…..erm….well no….well yes….basically he’s very good for his age and has a photographic memory…so I think I could do with some of that right now 

So….a BEAUTIFUL day….clear blue sky….warm and sunny with just the right amount of breeze 

Tried to persuade the eldest to come but he was far too buzy slouching and apparantly getting into politics….or gazing at the screen absently…it was hard to tell

ANYWAY…. hot footed it into the car regardless and off I popped 

A quick stroll and sit under a tree ( am STILL trying to channel something akin to Dylan from the Magic Roundabout…and not doing tooooo badly if I say so myself despite being tested somewhat)

THEN into the Gallery…..after passing an assortment of equally chilled strollers…a number of folks dressed AS David Hockney and one or two dogs sporting shiney conicle hats….I kid you NOT 

Where was I?…..Ahhh yes….into the gallery itself….FABULOUS

Downstairs an exhibition of art by local children of various ages groups…..some bits and bobs of other 20th century artists then upstairs to the man himself 

Well ALMOST….as well as a range of art spanning his career from schooldays to present, along with personal photographs and a set up of his studio along with Hockney  chatting from the very same chair on a screen in the corner

WELL what can I say?….got carried away despite it being busy due to it being the opening event ( must go back again when its quieter to potter longer)

So….happy as larry (who IS larry?) I skipped down the stairs popping some cash in the donation box ( yes its FREE!!!)


‘Uh oh…..where are my keys???’

Quick rummage in my bag…. ‘Nope’

Tipped it upside down….felt in the pocket….’Nope’


‘Now don’t disturb the inner Dillon just retrace your steps  …they’re probably under the tree where you were doing an outer Dillon’



But sat under the tree again….observing the Magic Roundabout of Lister Park with its assortment of revellers and chillers as mentioned above…saying to myself ‘C’mon Dillon…don’t leave me now man….show me the keys’

But he didn’t….I called into reception where lost property usually handed in… 


Back to the car thinking ‘could I have dropped them when I got out?’ but knowing I hadn’t 


Fortunately my brother doesnt live too far away from the park…..he came down with his partner and my neice ( who had a balloon unipig corn thingy… don’t ask)..we had another look…..then an icecream and at close of play asked the security guard who checked any keys handed in AGAIN…. Nope

SO…..thankfully said brother ran me home and my car remains…..probably all by itself….sat outside the great lister park….as I can’t contact my insurers untill 8am tomorrow 

and YES I only have the one car key ( it was sold to me that way)

and YES I guess with hindsight I should’ve got another key cut

and YES I have emailed the police to let them know…. 

  1. In case they pass the car sat there and think it looks suspicious ( can a spring green skoda covered in daisies look suspicious do you think?)
  2. In case someone finds the keys and sees the lone car there and thinks ‘AHA!!!’ and nicks it to either joy ride OR commit some heinous crime…hmmmm actually don’t think thats likely either do you?

Hmmmm….or was I pickpocketed?….if I was….said theives hoping to nick a car are in for a shock when they see what they’re left with….they will be phoning the police themselves ….fessing up and BEGGING the boys in blue to return the keys to the owner FORTHWITH

Regardless….I envisage a wild goosechase tomorrow of some sort 


Oh…. AND I got flapped and hissed at by a Canada Goose on the path in the park….bloody Canada Geese….never did like em much…. should’ve known then it was going to be a Sunday of mixed blessings

Hmmmm….maybe I should’ve just slouched on the couch