Couple Crush….

Just watched a programme on the wonderful Margaret Atwood and am feeling all warm inside..

I can’t really sum it up in words…the author herself…and the relationship with her husband….or maybe the long term friend….perhaps both

All I will say is….after the programme stood at the backdoor looking up at the night sky….patches of cloud obscuring the moon BUT… a shooting star whizzed past…at least I think it was…or a meteor or a satellite….not sure 

But a nice end to a day of frustration by way of crumbling plaster….falling down curtain poles at the same time as a serene woman parading up and down past my window that I wanted to throw my drill at….and a visit to my eldest whose situation at present is breaking my heart … gorgeous tho he looked…having grown his hair into a wild mess and sporting a burgundy velour tracksuit labelled ‘Be Velvet’

Yep…. ‘Be Velvet’

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