The Power of Pooh final installment ….

So ….here we are at the end of the series …and in actual fact I NEED to implement its practice in some way:D:D:D ….and maybe more than just in the investment of my next notebook ….I’m thinking of a holistic lifestyle choice SERIOUSLY …I would LOVE to get all creative …wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL to build your own house like that? ….Hmmmmm yes somewhere near the sea would be just PERFECT:):):):)

(I’m loosing it aren’t I? …no no …am not …others are doing it so it’s not as outrageous as it might seem)  ….is there anyone out there who would like to start up a pooh project that I could join maybe? :D:D:D

There’s a book too ….yes indeed there IS!!! ….one of my early posts states it as one of my favorites …it’s called …..Ta DaaAH!!!

Now you may have read it already …it’s quite a popular book …it explains the concept of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Tao through the children’s book character ‘Winnie the Pooh’ ….basically at the time of publication it was making the concept more accessible to a western audience who because of our somewhat toxic lifestyle tended to struggle with it …like Yoga …complex in its simplicity ….simple in its complexity …the art of just ‘be’ ing ….if only we were ‘ALLOWED’ to eh?

ANYWAY …it’s a FABULOUS little book …the sequel being the Te of Piglet …kind of rounding off the yin/yan thing …although the second book is not quite as good if you ask me ….however, once read you can tackle a translation of the authentic texts if you like …it really ISN’T heavy if you enter the spirit of it :):):):):)

OK here’s a few quotes from ‘The Tao of Pooh’ just to get you into the spirit so to speak …

THERE!!! …..are you getting it now?:D:D:D

SO ….there we are ….I’ve kind of condensed this little series from what it first was in the pre blog days:D:D:D ….chopped a bit out and updated a bit too …but ANYWAY I’m sure you ‘get’ the gist ….and WELL DONE!!! if you have actually checked out any of these posts ….I hope you’ve enjoyed them ….got you ‘contemplating’ a little maybe?

What I …and many, many, many others LOVE about the ancient philosophies …the Yoga Sutra’s ( Indian origin) …….The Tao ( Chinese) ….Aboriginal, Native American,African and Pagan too I believe….ANYWAY they strip away all the hype …explain ‘life’for want of a better word in a way that takes it down to its very essence ….’essential’ teachings if you like ….the very ‘fundamentals’ that money CAN’T buy …… don’t NEED a figurehead to ‘hero worship’ or effigies and paraphanalia ….it helps if you have a teacher ….the best ‘teachers’ are practitioners who simply ‘guide’ like my original yoga teacher:):):):):):)…and I am STILL trying to find a replacement ..hmmmm but maybe I’m trying too hard
Anyway …forget Religous effigies, Designer Labels, Celebrity, Politicians, Money all that ‘stuff’ to blindly ‘worship’ ….Ok then don’t if you don’t want to BUT if you want to ‘worship’ anything …hold something in ‘reverence’ it might as well be THIS:D:D:D

… not only does it contain its own little universe of organisms …it can be utilised by man in MANY ways that are totally harmless to the ecosystem, tying it in with BOTH ancient and modern…think the aboriginal painting in a past post which depicts what modern science is starting to PROVE ….AND because we are ALL full of shit ..we HAVE to take a LITTLE time out daily to contemplate and let go …yes it could therefore, be safely said that accessing the power of pooh comes from within :D:D:D 😉

Phew ..that’s better all done and dusted then ..and no I haven’t just been for a Pooh …have been out today marching up hills in the fresh air tho just ‘be’ing LOVELY …have been fed and watered and ….mmmmmmmmm ….ok might go and contemplate now:D:D:D ….and then settle down to read:):):):)

The Power of Pooh 7

Yes …today I am getting back to the little series …’s a nice little distraction …makes me feel better and then I’m off up to the top of the hill to breeeeeeeeeath:):):):):):)

So ….this is just a little interesting snippet ….ALL animals pooh right?

WELL did you know that if snails nibble on coloured paper they ACTUALLY pooh in the said color ? …and ok yes …I too thought hmmmmm not sure how ethical it is feeding snails coloured paper ..using animals for experimentation and all that but here is something ‘pooh’ I came across which is rather interesting albeit somewhat suspect ….

So the snail pooh’s out a coloured trail ….which once dried can be wound into spools …which in turn has been made into floor tiles

…and ‘get’ THIS …snail pooh contains some kind of chemical which makes it GLOW IN THE DARK!!! ….if you had snail pooh tiles laid in your kitchen you may never again need to pop the lights on as you head for your evening snack …a pretty amazing thought you have to admit …but somehow I don’t think this one is going to catch on:D:D:D:D

Hmmmmm …but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here …it’s the fluorescence of the pooh that is of most interest isn’t it …we don’t want to be bungling up the poor snails constitution with paper do we? But I’m sure the pooh in its natural, clear fluerescent state could be put to some use …hmmmmmmm but what?

Oooh I have an idea …what about getting rid of bullets and explosives and using snail pooh to thrash out any disagreements …I don’t think ANYONE would fancy being covered in goo …and there would be no hiding as its glow in the dark

Ok ..of course that’s frivolous but I’m sure there will be some use for it!

The Power of Pooh 6

Now I first did this little series …..hmmmmm let me see ….it must be going on 2 years ago now

ANYWAY it seems I was not alone …..others were thinking along similar lines ..because although many folk may think I am stark raving mad I am in fact ahead of the pack:D:D:D …or at least alongside current thinking …and I can PROVE it!!!

In the summer of 2015 there was the grand opening of a rather slick and stylish institution …yes …in the country of Italy …world renown for style and sophistication ….there opened

Ta DaaaaAH!!!!

THE SHIT MUSEUM!!! …..dedicated to all things SHIT:D:D:D…demonstrating the versatility and aesthetic of this freely available and Eco friendly substance:):):):)

And THIS summer …the summer of 2016 ….a similar little venue opened on the Isle of White ….it’s catching on folks THE POWER OF POOH IS CATCHING ON!!! ……hmmmm well …I’m not sure the Isle of White is getting the aesthetics quite like Italy :D:D:D …BUT none the less they are recognising pooh as a substance to acknowledge and honor ….

As is the museum of Tokyo who take a different approach again …here you can actually experience what it like to BE a turd …a fun approach where you don a natty little hat and get flushed down the loo:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….it’s ALL good:):):)

Last couple of instalments to follow at the weekend … bet you can’t WAIT:)

The Power of Pooh 5

Fashion and beauty products ……yes indeed ….strut that stuff ….all the below have utilised pooh in their production ….with today’s technology it doesn’t have to be all sackcloth and ashes to live a sustainable and sustaining lifestyle ….we’re ALL a little vain aren’t we? ….it shouldn’t cost a fortune tho either ….that would just be RIDICULOUS ….this idea that the more you pay for something the better it is needs to be turned on its head ….we’re talking shit here afterall:D:D:D

Phew!!!…..I’m trying to crack on with this little series …one more for tonight then a little break:)

The Power of Pooh 4

Convinced yet?

Hmmmmm ok ……so let me explain further the versatility of this stuff ….you can build a home with it ….fuel it …that’s get the fuel you need to cook, heat and run your gadgets from ….and yes it can be used to make home furnishings too…well we all know about the treatment of leather ….yes you do ….vats of manure used to be used in the treatment and dying of hides to make into leather ….and yes …yes I know …perhaps the use of leather is not very ethical but STILL….

……and where do you think the word ‘Tan’ comes from? …correct! …..the guys that worked in the Tannery ….messing about with big vats of fluid and hide, used to end up with pigment stained arms ….yes ….they had ‘tanned’ arms!!!

Hmmm OK … it might have looked a bit odd but I’m sure it was fine if they kept covered up elsewhere and just wore short sleeves …..and ANYWAY pooh has such amazing textures and can be fashioned into allsorts ….I wouldn’t be suprised if one could produce a biodegradable faux leather from it ……someone, somewhere probably already HAS:)

But for now ….in terms of home furnishings how about this little lot ? …….yep ….ALL use pooh in the manufacture ….incredible I’m sure you’ll agree!:D:D:D

You can even have a crapper made of crap to crap in ….the whole thing gone full circle so to speak:D:D:D

Anumber of artists like to get all creative with it too ….mixed to the right consistency pooh makes a fabulous sculpting material …



Paper too ….

….or by adding pigments you can actually paint with the stuff ….take a look at THIS lot


….well I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to have ANY of the items featured above in MY home:):):):) ……in actual fact when I have finished defacing my current gorgeous but slightly arsey notebook I think I will put my money where my mouth is and use pooh pads from here on in :):):):)

Oh ..and better add a disclaimer that all images for this little series are from ‘google images’ so it just goes to show that there is already an appreciation of all things pooh going on …it just needs to spread if you know what I mean:D:D:D

The Power of Pooh 3

So …let’s get back to Blog On’s crap little series shall we? ….where was I? ….Oh yes ….so …we’ve got the fuel and the food sorted …hmmmmm what next can we have in this crap filled world? ……Oooh I know …….we need somewhere to live don’t we? …..I mean for goodness sake we are NOT Neanderthal ….we need buildings ….Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Need and all that ….we haven’t’ even got the basics sorted yet …we need some sort of shelter ….yes I think we’d better have a quick look at shelter next …hmmmmm how the power of pooh can be utilised in building ….yes, yes a sustaining and sustainable substance indeed:D:D:D

Now we all know about wattle and daub don’t we? … we? ….no, no …it is not a firm of solicitors it’s what those cute little thatched cottages everyone thinks are all over England used to be made of …..I might not be 100% correct here, but my understanding is that it’s a mix of pooh, clay or mud and straw ….even if I’m not right, I’m sure you can see where I am heading here ….you know …build a timber frame or something …a woven base for the stuff to cling to ….get a load of crap …animal dung preferably ….mix with clay or mud ….a little water to make a thick plaster and slap it on ….inside and out ….it would be great fun wouldn’t it? ….just imagine sticking your hands in a vat of the stuff ….slapping it on and smoothing it over… would be kind of therapeutic wouldn’t it:D:D:D ….let each layer dry, finishing with a few layers of finer stuff …then decorate to your own taste …hmmmm what with? …..would lime wash do it? … that weatherproof and breathable? ….don’t know but we’re just focussing on the use of pooh for now …the proofing can be looked into later :D:D:D

ANYWAY ….yes this method of building ….or a slight variant has been used for centuries allover the world

Ok ….Ok ….so you might not want to live quite as basic a lifestyle as that …some still do tho …and the buildings are LOVELY to look at you must admit ….they LOOK ‘organic’ don’t they? ..something of the soul about them …beautiful:):):):)

However, don’t panic if it’s all too much to digest:D:D. ….pooh can also be formed into bricks ….or a chipboard type material for more common style building  ….and I’m led to believe it’s a GREAT insulation material ….hmmmmm maybe a bit of mixing and matching could go on when planning and erecting buildings for the 21st century

What do you reckon?

Ha!!! …..seems I am not alone

So ….the post preceding this ( or should I say see link below)  made my day ….YES the NOTEBOOK  is apparantly alive and kicking …the beautiful, tangible paper variety that you can hold in your hand, pop in your pocket and have an organic relationship with that flows and is not going to stick ..block ..or disappear into the ether …

I KNEW it …have ALWAYS loved them, and according to the article they are big with the tech head and creative types …HUZZAH!!!   I MUST tell the boys :D:D:D

There’s somthing about a notebook isn’t there? …and it’s funny how we choose them …at one time I was into the minimalist, japanesey organic paper kind that had that woody paper smell …these days I seem to be going for the opposite extreme …the more luxurious and flamboyant the better:D:D:D

Now we ALL know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover …but in the case of notebooks I feel it’s safe to throw THAT rule STRAGHT out of the window …its no good buying a cheap WH Smith pack of four ….it’s an intimate relationship we have with our notebooks …we have to LOVE it:):):):)……

Now I’ve posted a pic of Eric in his sophisticated SLIGHTLY flamboyant jacket before …(yes I even buy my IPad nice jackets to soften his cold hard edges) ….WELL …get a load of THIS!!!

Yes …it’s my current notebook …GEORGEOUS is’nt it? …it has a smooth, shiney texture like warm chrome …and the pattern and little jewels are in relief….YES …you can close your eyes and feeeeeeel them …and the cover snaps shut with a little magnet …well ..more a gentle little  ‘thunk’ than a ‘snap’ ….it’s very tactile ….BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

Hmmmmmm …if anyone looked inside they would  be a bit disappointed tho …it’s FULL of jottings,arrows and scribbles that only I can decipher:D:D:D

I would LOVE to get comments from any other notebook users out there …see if the activity is indeed flourishing and why …maybe send a pic of your current notebook

Oh dearie me ….have just read this back and am laughing

What a ‘saddo’ am I?:D:D:D

Oh well …maybe there are similar ‘saddo’s’ out there

‘Saddo’s …do not be ashamed …be bold and come forth …share your notebook experience

Come out of the closet and UNITE say I :D:D:D