Thailand’s King Bhumibol Dies At Age 88 – BuzzFeed News

We don’t know the full significance of this yet. But there will certainly be one. Particularly for the Thai people for whom he reigned as monarch for over 70 years …..


Oi ….. yes YOU big bully Mr T!!!

Hands OFF me breakfast!!! ……unless you’re ready to take it outside of course …and YES I mean it !!! (  says she ducking, weaving and shadow punching boxer style )

Bloody great big overstuffed mighty Tesco saying you won’t stock Marmite OR Hellmans …or ANY Unilever product ….apparantly it’s due to them raising the wholesale price due to the fall in the pound since Brexit….hmmmm yes well I reckon you can stand it Mr T ….your millions in profit …and if you won’t ?

Here’s my message to Unilever ….BUGGER THE BIG FOUR SUPERMARKETS ….this household hasn’t shopped in them for years ANYWAY …they got too greedy and were full of gimmicks and poorly disguised rip offs sometimes known as bogof’s ( buy one get one free et al)……No we packed in shopping in those places LONG ago ….it’s aldi for us ….no just sell direct on Amazon or something

I love my grub and am SICK of my favorites going to wrack and ruin ….the Cadbury’s Creme Egg anyone??? ….hmmmm yes ….do you remember THAT one??? ….sold off to some multinational who has changed the recipe ….shrunk the size …and doesn’t even sell in the 1/2 dozen, preferring packs of four …they’re eggs …EGGS ARE SOLD IN THE 1/2 or FULL DOZEN!!! …..GOOD GRIEF!!!!

And YES the SAME company bought the Terry’s chocolate orange and changed the recipe of THAT!!! ….Christmas ruined!!!

Where’s it all going to end say I

My GOD!!! ….don’t you DARE touch me Lea&Perrins!!!

and who owns Lyles Golden Syrup these days? ….or Birds custard? they’ve ALREADY faffed about with its packaging …tub over tin….what about me treacle pud?

Its not just about the ‘label’ …we’re talking quality product here’s an aesthetic thing too …good solid recycleable packaging …you know …glass jars , tins, foil and paper wrappings….its not good ….NOT GOOD say I !!!!

ps) Just thought ….Aldi’s German …BUGGAR!!!:D:D:D

Frack Off!!!!

Yep …’s becoming more and more evident that this is what the current British Goverment think about the majority of its people …..PARTICULARLY those in the far reaches of this ridiculously small island ….otherwise known as ‘The North’ ( you would think it was too small a land mass to divvy up like that wouldn’t you?)

ANYWAY ….Theresa May et al have bypassed local decision ….( that’s general public …local and county councils  who had already refused this company to conduct its business in the area) ….and have given the go ahead  to start  (the controversial, environmentally unfriendly …and frankly backward in terms of extracting fossil fuels deep from the earth) process of ‘fracking’ in Lancashire ….there’s uproar!!!

Oh …and yes …I do have an alternative suggestion ….I’m well aware that we and the rest of the world need ‘fuel’ …….eco fuel tho ….ECO FUEL!!!

There are SO many options ….it COULD be and SHOULD be freely available to all ….as should water …I once did a little series on  a very interesting matter we can extract eco fuel from and I think I might do it again for my blog

The matter I am thinking of is something we are ALL full of ….not least our current Tory Goverment …..can you guess what it is yet?

C’mon you’re a bit slow on the uptake


I am thinking of  ……….


a substance not to be sniffed at in more ways than one!!!:D:D:D

Series to follow:D:D:D 😉

Ether to Blog On….Ether to Blog On….Do you read me …. Over

Erm …..what? …..I mean hello? …..who’s that? …..does this mean I’m connected? …..are you going to stop messing about now ether? ….am getting a bit fed up of this sticking, blocking …things disappearing and total crashes you hear me?


Sorry ….heh herm ( coughs, sits up straight and adopts serious tone) blog on to ether yes I read you …..I think …..I mean over

Ether to blog on you now have full connection over

HURRAH!!! …about bloody time!!! …( holds nose) count down to connection ….fastening seat belt for lift off ….five …..four ……three ……t..

What are you DOING???

Counting down …you know li..

Yes …Yes …I know …STOP being ridiculous and just be happy you now have wifi and can post to your blog

Well I should bloody well think so after what I’ve been thro

Are you NEVER satisfied? …you now have top speed fibre optic broadband so there should be no more trouble and the boys can happily use all your tech to your hearts content

And thank god for THAT ….I’ve only had to sell my soul to the devil to get it

What do you mean?

I’ve only had to get sky ….putting my money in the pocket of the corrupt media moguls Murdoch …

Oh dear

Yep ……am paying with both hard earned spondoolah AND concience ….feel like I’ve sold out
C’mon …you’ve got fibre optic broadband …ALL your kit connected …and what’s all this about ‘concience’ …who gives a shit ?

I do!

Well nobody else does

Thanks ….you’re not making this feel any better

Didn’t intend to ….

Oh ..not you as WELL ether …..I thought you were bigger and better than that

I am

Well what are you talking like that for?

I just feed back based on the messages I receive …put out based on what comes in

Well maybe you need to try ‘recieving’ different messages then

Hey ….don’t blame me …it’s not top down management here …it’s a collaborative …reciprocal carry on …I keep dropping hints but if they ain’t being picked up on

Oh ….I’ve had enough of this …I’m off ….where’s my cushion?

Oh that’s right … running off again to feel sorry for yourself and lol about on your cushion

YES! ….over and OUT!!!


Hmmmmm being a bit melodramatic aren’t we?

Blog on to ether …I said OVER and OUT …and I like this version better than Jon’s original because she sounds as tho  HER energy is completely sapped and her voice is out of sinc …

And hmmmmmmm is she smoking or is that a chip on her shoulder?:D:D:D

‘What’s Going On’ …..update

Now you may remember I posted a link to good ole Marvins 1972 track of the same name last Sunday ….if you didn’t listen do so …it’s a beautiful track and maybe even more pertinant ….sadly ….today

But things kind of ‘evolve’ over time don’t they? …..There is usually some kind of catalyst that kicks off a chain reaction that maybe only becomes apparant after the event ..BUT thanks to today’s technology things seem to be gathering pace …people are maybe better ‘informed’ …..or can be if they look beneath the veneer of what they are being served:)

SO …it just so happens that on Fri …The 17th Conference in memory of Steve Beko took place in South Africa …for those who don’t know …Steve was a student and antipartheid campaigner …whose imprisonment kicked off the mass movement which became unstoppable …leading to the fall of apartheid ….black people given the vote …full democracy AT LAST ( and it’s not THAT long ago)

It’s really sad isn’t it …because …maybe I’m naive …but certainly up untill the war on Iraq …it felt here as tho things WERE changing for the better in terms of race relations and Britain becoming a multicultural society ….a kind of blending …a slooooooooow process admittedly….

Anyway ….what I think started a backward change here was the HUGE protests against the war on Iraq which were ignored by our prime minister …as Mr Blair went scurrying off after Ole Dubya as he appeared to IMEDIATELY stick on his cowboy hat and hype up the war talk within HOURS of the twin towers attack in New York

Now I’m not belittling that attack in ANY way …it was a gross atrocity that killed thousands of innocent people ….but we STILL don’t know who was behind that attack …the US and UK going to war was based on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction which turned out not to be the case ….but too late …Dubya an arrogant man who had never travelled beyond US borders before ignored the UN ….declaring  WAR …and Blair ……against most people at the time’s wishes …threw us all in too …causing great tension in communities here and possibly …probably …increased radicalisation of some British Muslims.

The Blair Labour Goverment proved to be a bit of a disappointment really ….yes most of us accepted the Labour Party needed to change to get elected way back in 1997 ….become more ‘press and big business savvy’ but it ended up being not too dissimilar to the Tory’s

Of course we all remember the Global Financial Markets going into free fall in 2008 …when corruption at the great Leaman Brothers bank was exposed …..and ping …ping ….ping …the dots were joined and the whole capitalist system exposed as a house of cards …a numbers game …which employed people to work in a corporate vacuum …a dog eat dog world …a game of monopoly where the winner takes all because they DESERVE it …’Buggar the rest who gives a shit ANYWAY?’

All this was JUST before Obama became president of the US ….a moment of joy that resonated around the world ….here was a man of integrity …not a businessman but someone who was well educated …had been a public servant in downtown Chicago ….the Americans saw him as Black ….in this household he was seen as a product of the future …his heritage drawing things together ….Black African Father of Muslim background ….White American Mother of Chritian background …and brought up in Hawaii where its a RIGHT mixed bunch:D:D:D

For a moment it seemed something NEW was going to happen ….the banks held to account and a more considered …even approach to world affairs

Now I personally STILL love Obama …I think he did his best under the circumstances …and let’s face it he has to be the ‘coolest’ world leader there has EVER been …plus he and Michelle seem solid as a rock ….been thro thick and thin ….an example to us all ….BUT ….I think what has come to light now is that ‘democracy’ is a sham ….it is the Global Corporate Elite who hold the power …the banks and large financial/business institutions have come out of all this unscathed and it is us ordinary people AROUND THE WORLD who are suffering … the richer countries like the US and UK whole areas are being desimated …..investment to maintain infrastructures like health, education, housing and transport being ‘cut’ and businesses folding or pulling out of the poorer areas ….you might argue that even some whole countries are being held to ransom ….

Remember Venezuala anyone?

Yep ….that country in South America that produced all those wonderful and dynamic musicians ….yes it is still on the map if you would care to look ….although you may be forgiven for not thinking so

So here we are …..we’ve had the recent referendum on European membership here in the UK ….the result being to pull out and draw up the drawbridge ( by a whisker of a majority 52% v 48%) this has caused rifts in communities with increases in racist crime …not to mention the murder of a local MP and upcoming politician who had the potential to be a great reforming figure on the world stage ( I for one am STILL struggling with this)

And across the pond they say …we have an ABSOLUTE  madman ( and uber rich one) who is blatantly stirring things up!!!

And as for the Saudi’s? ……god knows what part they are playing ….the paranoid Chinese and Russian governments too …WHAT A MESS!!!

I tell you it’s a good job I meditated with Mr Modi this morning ….ok ….NO’ONE is perfect but you can usually ‘trust’ a yoga practitioner … least you can usually have a TWO way conversation with one

ANYWAY ….back to my initial reference …I suppose to the Black Civil Rights Movement in the US during the 60’s

RiGHT NOW we seem to be moving backward on ALL fronts don’t we? ….with all the rifts going on in the US and the shooting of 2 innocent boys we now have the ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’ movement

Also on Friday there was the 17th  annual Steve Beko memorial lecture in South Africa ….the guest speaker being Angela Davis who was a leading figure in the ORIGINAL Civil Rights movement in the US …I would urge anyone looking in to watch this speech in its ENTIRETY and really LISTEN ( it starts about 1/4 way thro the film …but you can sit thro all the intro’s if you want)

As I was listening it took me back to Youbi in Nigeria’s post earlier this year ..where the students had been peacefully protesting about student fee hikes …one of her friends got shot …the crowd dispersed and the college closed down for a month

My mind then went to the student protests in Venezuela which again started peacefully …turned violent and led to the total communication shut down

Zip …Zip …back to the Arab Spring of 2012

Zip …Zip …Zip to the student protests here in the UK and the ‘Occupy movent’

The thing is …as Angela says in her speech …yes things seem to have gone backward in terms of ‘Black Lives’just now …we don’t want to loose the momentum since the Black Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s ….not let it be blurred

RIGHT at this moment tho …’freedom’ is being dictated by a Capitalist Elite on Racial, Class and Gender lines …a very rich and minority ‘elite’ dictating to the majority and CREATING division and a culture of fear

As I said in one of my previous posts …you don’t have to be female to support feminism …feminists are NOT anti men nor do we want to BE men …it’s about equalising the balance

Therefore you don’t have to be black to support ‘Black lives matter’ …it’s about resetting the ‘balance’ from the historical ( and current) white supremacy model ….there IS recognition that white folk in poor areas are ALSO being treated as badly

It’s interesting that Angela states that ‘Education should NOT be a commodity’ …and that is ABSOLUTELY true ….what constitutes ‘education’ tho? …………Maybe we ALL need to wake up and shake up ….find ‘time’ to sift thro the crap to find that which is important …it CANNOT be ‘business as usual’ ….

WE are not ‘commodities’ either be bought, sold or left to flounder …rubbed off the map

To quote AGAIN the wonderful if very brief Labour MP from MY home area … ‘We have more in common than that which divides us’


No I’m not sneezing OR swearing …although ACTUALLY it could be swearing …let me think a mo how the word could be used …..Ahhhh yes ….how about your in a situation …say your at a buffet …your one of the last to the table …you have one or 2 crisps on your plate THATS IT …there’s just a tiny bit of salad left …a lettuce leaf and a cherry tomatoe say …oh and a lone chicken drumstick for that essential protein …you hobble to the table ( you walk with 2 sticks that’s why you are a little slower than the rest of the party guests) JUST as you are about to reach out someone whips in and snatches it away almost knocking you off your crutches.

Excuse me ….you say …and are about to add that you haven’t eaten yet …but the other person as he is briskly marching off with the party leftovers just shouts  ‘ATOS’ over his shoulder

THERE that’s a fairly accurate use of the word ….’Blog On’ has hereby invented a new swear word …


Or you’ve been ‘ATOSed’ ….a bit like ‘Shafted’ ‘Ripped Off’ or ‘Screwed’

Perhaps I should explain further …

ATOS is a private company the British government commissioned to assess people for disability benefit as it had apparantly come to light that some people were making fraudulent claims …although how they were doing this God knows as there has always been a requirement for medical reports etc not to mention completing EXTREMELY lengthy and convoluted forms most people require assistance to complete ….ANYWAY  the company ATOS were brought in a few years ago now along with getting rid of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and changing its name to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) ……a rather nice and more appropriate use of terminology (there’s lots of clever use of terminology these days but as we all know …its actions that speak louder than words but hey ho)

SO to cut a very long story short …it’s caused a lot of upheaval as folk have been struck off their benefit left right and centre and declared fit for work ………….now in principle I’m not against this ….I’m all for people with disabilities having equal rights as citizens ……I mean look at the Paraolympics for goodness sake ….HOWEVER I’m sure even the paraolympians would say they need their PIP to pay for additional support they may need …including things like assistance with personal care and aids and adaptations to enable independence.  Also ….when it comes to mental health …it is largely an invisible disability as folk tend to lock themselves away ….YES there is proactive work to assist folk to maximise their potential INCLUDING going back to work …but there are STILL many MANY employers who will not even look at someone if they say they have experienced mental ill health …there is STILL incredible stigma despite it being a case of ‘there but for the grace of God go us all’ …..yep no’one is immune and indeed the numbers are rising ….I wonder why? …..but I digress

I guess I am talking about this now as I have had a lot of dealings with this company the last couple of months as folk in receipt of this benefit are ‘reviewed’ ……again …..nothing wrong with that say I …..BUT it’s the WAY it is being done ….folk getting letters instructing them to attend appointments at short notice at various obscure locations ALLOVER the north of England …we have had folks being asked to go to Durham, Liverpool and York ….working with people who experience ‘psychosis’ many cannot drive and even struggle to use public transport around the immediate area never mind contemplate going somewhere unfamiliar ….the STRESS all this causes is unbelievable …..many live in a muddle …struggle with correspondence …you are struck off immediately if you do not attend and are allowed to rearrange the appointment once.

I must admit …where possible I have assisted folk to request a home visit and attended also so these ‘Assessors’ can see EXACTLY how it is ….I am CONVINCED that all this will be costing the government a FORTUNE ….WAY above what DLA used to even WITH the odd fraudulent claim …..not to mention the added feelings of guilt and shame to already vulnerable people who tend NOT to engage or trust anyone ANYWAY!!!

One person HAD been struck off and another appointment made more locally which I attended with him today ..well the next city …this is a person reluctant to let ANYONE in his home and really only goes to his local corner shop on his own where they know him well…he suffers paranoia and is a voice hearer …the voices becoming more pronounced, louder in volume and negative in nature when feeling under duress ( as with most voice hearers)…so you can imagine the journey to the appointment ….I actually sang …YES SANG to try to divert from the tension and cocophany going on in his head …it probably sounds ridiculous but it seems to work with this particular guy on car journeys  …ANYWAY

Aaaaaaaaagh the unnecessary frustration


SEE ….sugar and spice it is NOT always …but it’s the weekend and I’m letting it all go …so


….a nice little track pertinent for the mood today

YEP …….good ole Marvin ….1972 …..that’s a LONG time ago BUT  the US has just had a Black President in the White House which was unimaginable back then so it goes to show change for the better CAN happen ……we’re just having a blip ….a hiccup hopefully ….Hmmmmmmm maybe we are on the cusp of  some kind of next level wave ….there’s always a bit of turbulence before things settle down:)

The Secret Threat That Makes Corporations More Powerful Than Countries – BuzzFeed News