The Power of Pooh 4

Convinced yet?

Hmmmmm ok ……so let me explain further the versatility of this stuff ….you can build a home with it ….fuel it …that’s get the fuel you need to cook, heat and run your gadgets from ….and yes it can be used to make home furnishings too…well we all know about the treatment of leather ….yes you do ….vats of manure used to be used in the treatment and dying of hides to make into leather ….and yes …yes I know …perhaps the use of leather is not very ethical but STILL….

……and where do you think the word ‘Tan’ comes from? …correct! …..the guys that worked in the Tannery ….messing about with big vats of fluid and hide, used to end up with pigment stained arms ….yes ….they had ‘tanned’ arms!!!

Hmmm OK … it might have looked a bit odd but I’m sure it was fine if they kept covered up elsewhere and just wore short sleeves …..and ANYWAY pooh has such amazing textures and can be fashioned into allsorts ….I wouldn’t be suprised if one could produce a biodegradable faux leather from it ……someone, somewhere probably already HAS:)

But for now ….in terms of home furnishings how about this little lot ? …….yep ….ALL use pooh in the manufacture ….incredible I’m sure you’ll agree!:D:D:D

You can even have a crapper made of crap to crap in ….the whole thing gone full circle so to speak:D:D:D

Anumber of artists like to get all creative with it too ….mixed to the right consistency pooh makes a fabulous sculpting material …



Paper too ….

….or by adding pigments you can actually paint with the stuff ….take a look at THIS lot


….well I don’t know about you, but I’d be happy to have ANY of the items featured above in MY home:):):):) ……in actual fact when I have finished defacing my current gorgeous but slightly arsey notebook I think I will put my money where my mouth is and use pooh pads from here on in :):):):)

Oh ..and better add a disclaimer that all images for this little series are from ‘google images’ so it just goes to show that there is already an appreciation of all things pooh going on …it just needs to spread if you know what I mean:D:D:D

Oi ….. yes YOU big bully Mr T!!!

Hands OFF me breakfast!!! ……unless you’re ready to take it outside of course …and YES I mean it !!! (  says she ducking, weaving and shadow punching boxer style )

Bloody great big overstuffed mighty Tesco saying you won’t stock Marmite OR Hellmans …or ANY Unilever product ….apparantly it’s due to them raising the wholesale price due to the fall in the pound since Brexit….hmmmm yes well I reckon you can stand it Mr T ….your millions in profit …and if you won’t ?

Here’s my message to Unilever ….BUGGER THE BIG FOUR SUPERMARKETS ….this household hasn’t shopped in them for years ANYWAY …they got too greedy and were full of gimmicks and poorly disguised rip offs sometimes known as bogof’s ( buy one get one free et al)……No we packed in shopping in those places LONG ago ….it’s aldi for us ….no just sell direct on Amazon or something

I love my grub and am SICK of my favorites going to wrack and ruin ….the Cadbury’s Creme Egg anyone??? ….hmmmm yes ….do you remember THAT one??? ….sold off to some multinational who has changed the recipe ….shrunk the size …and doesn’t even sell in the 1/2 dozen, preferring packs of four …they’re eggs …EGGS ARE SOLD IN THE 1/2 or FULL DOZEN!!! …..GOOD GRIEF!!!!

And YES the SAME company bought the Terry’s chocolate orange and changed the recipe of THAT!!! ….Christmas ruined!!!

Where’s it all going to end say I

My GOD!!! ….don’t you DARE touch me Lea&Perrins!!!

and who owns Lyles Golden Syrup these days? ….or Birds custard? they’ve ALREADY faffed about with its packaging …tub over tin….what about me treacle pud?

Its not just about the ‘label’ …we’re talking quality product here’s an aesthetic thing too …good solid recycleable packaging …you know …glass jars , tins, foil and paper wrappings….its not good ….NOT GOOD say I !!!!

ps) Just thought ….Aldi’s German …BUGGAR!!!:D:D:D

The Power of Pooh 2

Life can be REALLY shit sometimes can’t it? ….just remember when you are being dealt a bum deal that often, out of the best quality shit comes the greatest fertiliser. Cultivate an appreciation of the stuff and perhaps it can be turned on its head:):):):):)

Pooh comes in a variety of shades and textures as I’m sure you are well aware by checking your own ……

C’mon YES you do ….EVERYONE has a quick look before they flush …agreed? …..yes well I’ve no idea why we do it or what we are expecting to discover on so doing …….we just do don’t we?   ALL of us …..yes even royalty, the uber rich and allegedly beautiful people …they ALL crap and check it ….it’s a GREAT equaliser …. when I’m a little nervous …lacking in confidence …at an interview say ….I always do that thing where you imagine the folk having a pooh …..I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before ….and it works …trust me;)

ANYWAY ….look at the variety of pooh held in the palm of one hand here …..beautiful isn’t it :D:D:D

So ….in my imaginary world we are all crapping into a system which whisks it away, feeding into some kind of large scale Biofuel plant which in turn recycles and provides fuel in a number of ways ….gas, electricity, fuel for transport ….Hey it’s my blog ….I can change the world in my head if I like:D:D:D

In addition ( or part of… as biofuel plants waste nothing) we have the traditional use of pooh …the one we all know and love ….yes I’m talking about its use as a soil fertiliser …WONDERFUL stuff.

I understand animal dung and chicken shit are the pooh’s of choice in this arena …well if you want to dig it in raw…..this brings back memories of my father ( an allotment keeper) whose ears used to prick up at the sound of horses hooves:D:D:D …..yes there was a riding school, gypsy horse field where they would excersise with the trap AND the rag and bone man near where we lived ….when any equine passed our house my Dad would rush out armed with bin bag and shovel in the hopes of catching a prize:D:D:D   It was all HIGHLY embarrassing …but Dad …if you can hear me up there I’M COMING ROUND TO YOUR WAY OF THINKING!:D:D:D

Anyway …am digressing slightly SO …yep …whether it be a small garden, allotment or farm ….dig some shit into the soil and watch your veggies flourish …believe me …fresh ‘organically’ produced fruit and veg tastes completely different from the mass produced, chemical laden supermarket variety …I was brought up on the stuff and only realised once fending for myself :D:D:D

Oh and if you’re reasonably fit and live in a flat with no outdoor space …why not take a break from the insular, air conditioned lifestyle and consider WWOOFING …that’s World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms…payment is in kind not cash …in return for helping out on the farm you get to experience the lifestyle and if you like it …travel the world to boot …just the cost of airfares and a little time and hard graft:)

Hmmmmmm ….I was planning to take the boys during summer …didn’t get my shit together tho did I 😦
Sorry Dad … getting there tho ….am getting there ….in my head at least:D:D:D

An authentic character ….

So …..this weekend I spent in the company of ….fellow blogger/writer …take by the ‘virtual’ shoulders and shaker ….Dermott Hayes …….and it’s been great

Dermott is encouraging me to ‘write’ ….( or trying to :D:D) …take my lifelong journal writing and 1/2 arsed attempt at blogging in a different ….or mor focussed direction ….coming up with ideas and writing in a way I’ve wanted to but maybe not had the confidence really …so I thank him for that

And meeting  in person did not disappoint ….yep here is a guy who has certainly lived a life ….a bit of an old rogue:D:D:D ….yep ….he came to meet me after having been the sole male at a table of 11 glamorous women at a charity lunch:D:D:D

If you’ve seen and read anything of Dermotts …to meet him in person you get EXACTLY what it says on the tin

Annoying tho I found him at first ( and no doubt will again) …he is actually very thoughtful …a gentleman ….an obviously loving father and grandfather …( he HAS to be the coolest grandad around with HIS music collection) …and COOK!!!?? ….my GOD!!! ….Dermott has a cookery blog called ‘Last night I boiled an Egg’ the title of which is misleading in the EXTREME :D:D:D  I urge anyone who likes food to take a look at this blog

So …all in all I have felt spoiled rotten

Meeting on O’Connell Bridge …a quick trip to the pub:D:D:D

Visiting one of Dublins organic food markets ….(feeling a bit of an idiot as it was raining and had to borrow Dermotts Parker …the hood making me feel like Kenny from South Park)…a friend of Dermotts and greengrocer who sliced us up some pear to eat as he told us some daft tale about this woman and her husband in a way only an Irishman could :D:D:D ( Sorry if that sounds like stereotyping but it’s true and meant in a good way)

Food …..Food ….and more food

Spicey scrambled egg and advocado

Stir fried fresh king prawns and Greek salad with some kind of chilli and garlic dressing

Fresh hunks of Hake with green beans and new potatoes ….cooked to perfection AGAIN with JUST the right oil and herb mix …I think this time it was garlic, mint and something else ….GOD!!! ….I HAD to mop up the juices with a thick slice cut from the home baked whole meal loaf ….I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as well in my LIFE:D:D:D ….we’re talking 5 star restaurant status here …..actually …..better than …..SERIOUSLY

I can honestly say it’s been LOVELY visiting Dermott in his little artists Garrett …. because that’s what it is …a peaceful little haven amongst the madness of inner city Dublin with its little roof garden overlooking the churchyard … his writing desk in the corner and his music:):):):)

And I’ve come away with books …goodies …a Bjork boxed set thingy ( in pristine condition …I think D maybe had one listen and thought ‘for fucks sake’!!!:D:D:D) ….and a download which now gives me no excuse not to crack on with my ‘homework’  as it has proper editing features etc

ANYWAY ….thankyou Dermott ….an alternate weekend with a difference …you’re an absolute star 🙂