Blogging Off!!!

So ….this seems a fitting place to end ‘Blog On!!!’ …..need to hunker down …focus on looking for another job and spending quality time with the boys when I can….they’re growing up …it’s natural …I struggle with adapting more than they:D:D:D

I’m not really sure what ‘Blog On’ has been about:D:D:D

I thought it was going to be an extension of my personal journal writing really ….just rambling as is ….what’s been a bit shocking tho is that it started answering back:D:D:D     But in a way that’s probably been the best part …so Thankyou to all you folks who have checked in on this, what must look like a rather odd and amateurish site ….a little glimpse into ‘the head of one northern soul’:D:D:D

And I Thankyou for allowing me to dip my toe into the Bloggosphere and sample YOUR thoughts and creativity too ….it really HAS been reassuring ….the blogs I am following ….regardless of where you are in the world …what age,  gender, race, class, ability, religion or none ….apart from the language barrier ( and I’m ashamed to say MOST of you have better English than I) …yep …if you strip away all the barriers we ALL pretty much want AND appreciate the same things in life ….it’s NOT about ‘stuff’ is it? …..get BEYOND the ‘stuff’ …

Maybe blogging IS a modern way of sending a message in a bottle …we certainly live in interesting times ..a time of great change but I STILL feel there are more positives than negatives out there ..there’s ALWAYS turbulence before things settle down

I think when I started ‘Blog On’ I also thought it might be there for posterity for the boys …like Emma and Alice’s letters for me …thought maybe when they are adults and I’m no longer around they might stumble upon it and be able to hear my voice:D:D:D …..Hmmmmm they’re boys tho so maybe not interested ….maybe Lottie then:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….I don’t think that’s likely …Blogs aren’t really like that are they? ….well MINE certainly isn’t …it sticks and blocks and stuff disappears as it is and it’s only been around a year:D:D:D ……I bet it’s a case of if you don’t use your blog for a month or so it just disappears and you get that black and white crowd scene stating ‘This blog no longer exists’ which seems to happen out of the blue from time to time …..hmmmm think I’ll check it once a month or so ….test it like to see if it’s still there ….or maybe not …it’s best not to know’s bad enough when a ‘post’ disappears into the ether ..I’ve got a bit attached to ‘Blog On’ …..and I don’t want anyone nicking the title either …it’s part of my identity now …GOD listen at me:D:D:D:D ….it’s DEFINATELY time to go ….draw the line:D:D:D

What was it Zohra said? ‘This life … endless conversation with yourself …silent in sanity …audible in madness’ Hmmmmmmmm yes ….have spent a bit of time outdoors on the hill this weekend ….recognise the need to have a bit of ‘silence in sanity’ it does you good …that reassuring ‘nothing’ from where …if we’re REALLY lucky …we might be able to ‘listen to what we can’t hear’ for the clutter to quote pooh:D:D:D

Oh …it’ll all turn out in the wash

This is Blog On!!!
Still 1/2 a face…and yes of COURSE it’s the better 1/2:D:D …a year older…a lot wiser…but this time in colour …albeit autumn…ish:D:D:D ….yes ..yes ok had just whipped off the reading glasses ….you can only get by with squinting for so long you know before you have to admit defeat:D:D:D


Where was I? …
Ah yes …
Blogging Off!!!
It’s been one unexpected learning curve but this is where Blog On ends …best wishes to all ….respect to you AND myself:)

…..hmmmm and what about old ladies?

Well ….I’m sure you agree about both the Dalai Llama AND The Rev Desmond Tutu BOTH being EXCELLENT role models for their wisdom AND spirit of 3 …….but what about women? ….I am now approaching or actually IN my Autumn years ….hmmm no ….let’s say late summer ….for now:D:D:D

So I’ve been wracking my brains ….THINKING about old lady role models ….what sort of old lady would I like to be? ….now it seems I’ve scuppered ANY ideas of THIS:D:D:D

Which WOULD be my ideal truth be known as I AM a bit old fashioned believe it or not …but it’s a very rare thing indeed

However …..don’t loose heart ‘late summer ladies’ …or Autumn or indeed Winter ones ….I have come up with a FABULOUS role model for us ….sadly she died a couple of years ago BUT at the ripe old age of 102!!!…. AND with her slightly impish sparkle to the end:D:D:D

Born and raised a Muslim …married a Hindu ….GOOD GRIEF …STONE THEM!!!
Ha haaaa sorry …too late …they had a successful marriage and she had a long and MOSTLY happy life …raised children …had a successful career AND made everyone smile ….she couldn’t give a damn but had a WONDERFUL philosophy on life…. I am pretty certain she WON’T be damned to eternal hell …a spirit like hers will have whizzed off to become a cosmic ray or somthing :D:D:D ……get THIS for a quote

Yep …it’s Zohra Seghal …LOVE her:):):):)  English folks might remember her as the grandma in the movie ‘Bend it like Beckham’ amongst others …..just check her story on Wikipedia …and that was back THEN:D:D:D

I’m sure there will be many more you can probably think of ….feel free to add ….it doesn’t have to be anyone famous ….it could be a little old lady down the street or your grandmother …Emma was mine ( maternal great aunt that I have mentioned before and didn’t have children of her own) well actually it was Emma AND her husband Alf who had that rare thing of the couple above and passed within a year of each other:( ….blimey THAT was a double whammy) …at Emma’s funeral tho, everyone was sitting in sombre mood when all of a sudden this HUGE bumble bee flew in from somewhere. Buzzing around dive bombing everyone’s heads. It started with the Rev who stoically carried on so after a while it started on the rows of mourners..
I’m afraid I got a fit of the giggles and I rember my sister kept elbowing me and frowning which made it WORSE then the bee came to OUR row and even SHE was laughing ..we said afterwards that it was typical of Emma to have such pandemonium at her funeral with everyone bobbing about ducking the bee and my sister and I in hysterical laughter …oh … and from memory the organist was shocking too …sat there all serious whilst missing notes and playing off key:D:D:D …ANYWAY Emma would have LOVED it:):):):)

…maybe she WAS the bee:D:D:D

ANYWAY …as per on this ere blog am going off on a tangent and entering the personal

Would love to hear of any other old ladies from anyone looking in…let’s look foreward to the winter years:D:D:D ….maybe you ARE a ‘Winter lady’ …yep from here on in I am not referring to age:D:D:D …there are babies,children then it’s Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter for phases of life for me from now on:):):):):):)

Ok …..So!!!

I should be feeling like this 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄

But instead feel a bit 😔

Well no ….ok …..maybe😶

That hamster has been running at full pelt the last couple of weeks!!! …….saw the situation and ……ok ……this is the problem ……if everybody with a vote just did a little bit …..just did what they can ……well …….well ……we would have a more dynamic and vibrant democratic process ……if more people with the privelage of university education, instead of purely using their intellect to feather their own nest gave a little back ….SOMTHING!!! …..then maybe ….maybe……
As you know I volunteered to help out at our local by-election on behalf of the Labour Party ….mostly due to the circumstances of why there needed to be one in the first place ….because we had a vacuum which felt tangible and allsorts was going on……so I’ve been doing a bit of telephone and pounding the streets work, as has one of the other ex Wondergirls this last week :):):):):)

Now ……SOME folks may be a little cynical about Tracy Brabin  ….BUT I would say to those people ‘where were YOU?’ ….the woman put her hat in the ring ….not an easy thing to do I would imagine as someone like Jo Cox is very rare indeed with IMPOSSIBLE shoes to fill …Tracy herself acknowledges this …she was born and raised in the area and YES moved on to better herself and persue a career …. and good for her too …there is nothing wrong in THAT ….and YES she’s an actress by profession which is very different to working at grassroots  … and yes I guess she seems a bit ‘actressy’ at the moment ….but she’s BOUND to ….she WILL find her feet tho …her heart is in the right place …it’s a new job …no’one has ALL skills ….she’ll develop and get into her stride …she’s going to be just fine:):):):):)

AND the election results just blasted those 9 other groups out of the water …a pretty good turnout at the polling stations too …so it just goes to show the VAST majority of people care and want unity regardless of age, gender, race, religious affiliation OR ( in this case) political stance:):):):):):)

But guess what?

Right now feel exhausted ….THERES a suprise I hear you cry …hmmmmm yes I guess my knackeredness surfaces periodically here on Blog On!:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….this morning we were all given letters at work …phase 3 of this ‘transformation’ that started last October and is apparantly due for completion end of March NEXT year( Hmmmmm I said it was a good use of terminology didn’t I?) …Anyway it also means the last remaining ‘Wondergirls’ and ‘M’ are being split up to different numbered areas …I am moving to ‘area 1 ‘ ….no I am NOT kidding….when asked which geographical area’s these meant and if indeed there would be bases was informed ..’we don’t know yet but should be given more details in the coming weeks’

Bumped into fellow Ex Wondergirl in passing who looked equally jaded today …the usual ..’Hey ..y’alright’ …but in knackered tones followed by a half laugh and hug

Hmmmmmmmm ….you know ….when I started this blog …exactly a year ago this week actually …I had a plan …have hit a number of obstacles tho …not least being pretty much stoney broke financially ( and I’ve worked all my life which doesn’t sound right does it? ….I’m sure there are others out there …not quite using food banks but no luxuries really …can’t afford the dentist or hairdressers for example ….am I one of the ‘working poor’?) ….so I’m thinking ….where next? ….do I just carry on as per waiting for the axe to drop on my head (which it surely will sooner or later …it kind of feels like things keep being reduced and we are merely holding the fort …or trying to pop plasters on gaping wounds )  ..or should I bail out? what tho?

Ps) I said bail out not give up …want somthing different but WHAT? ….don’t want to become a full lone working android tho and don’t even think I CAN!!! ….I like my own space to a degree but in this line of work it feels tooooo isolating AND I don’t like the lone working tech which is allegedly for safety but feels ‘big brotherish’not to mention having to work somewhere thus far described as ‘area 1’ which if it’s where I think it is will laugh my head off …and I CERTAINLY don’t want to get into local party politics,  which would be just as bad if not WORSE!!!

GOD …I’m burning out aren’t I? ….is this burn out? ….don’t remember feeling like this when I was younger ….it’s like I’m racing around trying to keep my head above water ..DESPERATELY looking for those dandilions in the crack in the pavement but feeling someone is spraying the weed killer ….Hmmmm should I just hand my notice in on Monday? …would that be grossly irresponsible? …well yes, probably

I want a peaceful next phase of my life tho …is that too much to ask? it an age thing?…not asking for too much materially but somthing without all these barriers….well we’d ALL like not to have to struggle, I’m kinda used to not having much tho so SURELY can just have a little peace…PLEASE?:)

Hmmmm is this going to be a flop onto the cushion not getting dressed ….march off up the hill ….or consult with the mute swan therapist …weekend I wonder?…maybe all 3:D:D:D

Dirty Tricks

Well … and among the usual this week I have also been one of those  irritating callers canvassing on behalf of a political party ….yes I joined an eclectic but very nice bunch of people giving up their evenings for the cause:D:D:D

It IS a cause worth it tho under the circumstances   …’one expected or wanted a local bi-election at this time ….we tragically lost a remarkable MP which has left many in the community reeling with shock and overwhelming sadness BUT fortunately there is another very suitable and able candidate stepping up

SO …to the phones it was ….but get this …I took one call to a chap who said…. ‘Well I’m not voting for YOU lot after THAT leaflet’ …..which puzzled me as I’ve been leafleting also …nothing untoward about the leaflets I thought …just a little about the candidate, her  views on priorities in the area and an e’mail address for folk to contact if they so wished.

As I was talking to this chap tho, one of my colleagues opposite started waving his arms to attract my attention saying there was a bogus leaflet going round ….I relayed this to the chap I was speaking to and put my colleague on to explain further and see if he could get any additional information.

Afterwards he told me they had been informed earlier in the day that a leaflet was being posted around the district, alleging to be from the Labour Party and being inflammatory in content and tone.

‘SICK’ was my response, as I’m sure you will agree ….not only had our MP ( and I cannot overestimate her qualities as both a person and future political figure) been murdered BUT someone …..presumably one of the other 9 contestants, had gone to the trouble of printing fake leaflets to undermine her successor and the party as a whole

The other mainstream UK political parties have stood back and not contested the seat in a wonderful gesture of respect for Jo and the special circumstances …but THIS!!!??

It was on reading that the new candidate Tracy had 9 fringe groups ( some particularly nasty ones) putting up people for election that I decided to help out …didn’t expect anyone would stoop SO low though.

ANYWAY ….on the whole the telephone canvassing has proved a positive experience …I ( and others) have even managed to persuade Tory voters to vote for Tracy in the bi-election on the 20th October.

So I’m feeling heartened …which I must confess I wasn’t after leafleting the other weekend ….I also witnessed and broke up a fight between 2 groups of lads on Tuesday …broad daylight at the side of a busy road near the college about 12 around Matts age 2 of them REALLY going at each other whilst the rest looked on …and yes the group was split on racial lines group Asian and the other white …it took me back to behaviour of football hooligans when I was a kid …I swear I haven’t seen stuff like this for YEARS and thought all that was history and we had all moved on

However …despite all this I DO remain heartened …we are SO lucky to have another really strong candidate ..

Oh …and apparantly Jezza himself has been in town today …missed him tho as too buzy ..never mind perhaps it’s just as well ….wouldn’t want to behave like a sycophantic teenager with a pop idol :D:D:D … …no …just kidding
Anyway fingers crossed and watch this space:)


Oi ….. yes YOU big bully Mr T!!!

Hands OFF me breakfast!!! ……unless you’re ready to take it outside of course …and YES I mean it !!! (  says she ducking, weaving and shadow punching boxer style )

Bloody great big overstuffed mighty Tesco saying you won’t stock Marmite OR Hellmans …or ANY Unilever product ….apparantly it’s due to them raising the wholesale price due to the fall in the pound since Brexit….hmmmm yes well I reckon you can stand it Mr T ….your millions in profit …and if you won’t ?

Here’s my message to Unilever ….BUGGER THE BIG FOUR SUPERMARKETS ….this household hasn’t shopped in them for years ANYWAY …they got too greedy and were full of gimmicks and poorly disguised rip offs sometimes known as bogof’s ( buy one get one free et al)……No we packed in shopping in those places LONG ago ….it’s aldi for us ….no just sell direct on Amazon or something

I love my grub and am SICK of my favorites going to wrack and ruin ….the Cadbury’s Creme Egg anyone??? ….hmmmm yes ….do you remember THAT one??? ….sold off to some multinational who has changed the recipe ….shrunk the size …and doesn’t even sell in the 1/2 dozen, preferring packs of four …they’re eggs …EGGS ARE SOLD IN THE 1/2 or FULL DOZEN!!! …..GOOD GRIEF!!!!

And YES the SAME company bought the Terry’s chocolate orange and changed the recipe of THAT!!! ….Christmas ruined!!!

Where’s it all going to end say I

My GOD!!! ….don’t you DARE touch me Lea&Perrins!!!

and who owns Lyles Golden Syrup these days? ….or Birds custard? they’ve ALREADY faffed about with its packaging …tub over tin….what about me treacle pud?

Its not just about the ‘label’ …we’re talking quality product here’s an aesthetic thing too …good solid recycleable packaging …you know …glass jars , tins, foil and paper wrappings….its not good ….NOT GOOD say I !!!!

ps) Just thought ….Aldi’s German …BUGGAR!!!:D:D:D

The Power of Pooh 2

Life can be REALLY shit sometimes can’t it? ….just remember when you are being dealt a bum deal that often, out of the best quality shit comes the greatest fertiliser. Cultivate an appreciation of the stuff and perhaps it can be turned on its head:):):):):)

Pooh comes in a variety of shades and textures as I’m sure you are well aware by checking your own ……

C’mon YES you do ….EVERYONE has a quick look before they flush …agreed? …..yes well I’ve no idea why we do it or what we are expecting to discover on so doing …….we just do don’t we?   ALL of us …..yes even royalty, the uber rich and allegedly beautiful people …they ALL crap and check it ….it’s a GREAT equaliser …. when I’m a little nervous …lacking in confidence …at an interview say ….I always do that thing where you imagine the folk having a pooh …..I’m sure you’ve heard this advice before ….and it works …trust me;)

ANYWAY ….look at the variety of pooh held in the palm of one hand here …..beautiful isn’t it :D:D:D

So ….in my imaginary world we are all crapping into a system which whisks it away, feeding into some kind of large scale Biofuel plant which in turn recycles and provides fuel in a number of ways ….gas, electricity, fuel for transport ….Hey it’s my blog ….I can change the world in my head if I like:D:D:D

In addition ( or part of… as biofuel plants waste nothing) we have the traditional use of pooh …the one we all know and love ….yes I’m talking about its use as a soil fertiliser …WONDERFUL stuff.

I understand animal dung and chicken shit are the pooh’s of choice in this arena …well if you want to dig it in raw…..this brings back memories of my father ( an allotment keeper) whose ears used to prick up at the sound of horses hooves:D:D:D …..yes there was a riding school, gypsy horse field where they would excersise with the trap AND the rag and bone man near where we lived ….when any equine passed our house my Dad would rush out armed with bin bag and shovel in the hopes of catching a prize:D:D:D   It was all HIGHLY embarrassing …but Dad …if you can hear me up there I’M COMING ROUND TO YOUR WAY OF THINKING!:D:D:D

Anyway …am digressing slightly SO …yep …whether it be a small garden, allotment or farm ….dig some shit into the soil and watch your veggies flourish …believe me …fresh ‘organically’ produced fruit and veg tastes completely different from the mass produced, chemical laden supermarket variety …I was brought up on the stuff and only realised once fending for myself :D:D:D

Oh and if you’re reasonably fit and live in a flat with no outdoor space …why not take a break from the insular, air conditioned lifestyle and consider WWOOFING …that’s World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms…payment is in kind not cash …in return for helping out on the farm you get to experience the lifestyle and if you like it …travel the world to boot …just the cost of airfares and a little time and hard graft:)

Hmmmmmm ….I was planning to take the boys during summer …didn’t get my shit together tho did I 😦
Sorry Dad … getting there tho ….am getting there ….in my head at least:D:D:D

Ha!!! …..seems I am not alone

So ….the post preceding this ( or should I say see link below)  made my day ….YES the NOTEBOOK  is apparantly alive and kicking …the beautiful, tangible paper variety that you can hold in your hand, pop in your pocket and have an organic relationship with that flows and is not going to stick ..block ..or disappear into the ether …

I KNEW it …have ALWAYS loved them, and according to the article they are big with the tech head and creative types …HUZZAH!!!   I MUST tell the boys :D:D:D

There’s somthing about a notebook isn’t there? …and it’s funny how we choose them …at one time I was into the minimalist, japanesey organic paper kind that had that woody paper smell …these days I seem to be going for the opposite extreme …the more luxurious and flamboyant the better:D:D:D

Now we ALL know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover …but in the case of notebooks I feel it’s safe to throw THAT rule STRAGHT out of the window …its no good buying a cheap WH Smith pack of four ….it’s an intimate relationship we have with our notebooks …we have to LOVE it:):):):)……

Now I’ve posted a pic of Eric in his sophisticated SLIGHTLY flamboyant jacket before …(yes I even buy my IPad nice jackets to soften his cold hard edges) ….WELL …get a load of THIS!!!

Yes …it’s my current notebook …GEORGEOUS is’nt it? …it has a smooth, shiney texture like warm chrome …and the pattern and little jewels are in relief….YES …you can close your eyes and feeeeeeel them …and the cover snaps shut with a little magnet …well ..more a gentle little  ‘thunk’ than a ‘snap’ ….it’s very tactile ….BEAUTIFUL:):):):)

Hmmmmmm …if anyone looked inside they would  be a bit disappointed tho …it’s FULL of jottings,arrows and scribbles that only I can decipher:D:D:D

I would LOVE to get comments from any other notebook users out there …see if the activity is indeed flourishing and why …maybe send a pic of your current notebook

Oh dearie me ….have just read this back and am laughing

What a ‘saddo’ am I?:D:D:D

Oh well …maybe there are similar ‘saddo’s’ out there

‘Saddo’s …do not be ashamed …be bold and come forth …share your notebook experience

Come out of the closet and UNITE say I :D:D:D

Could class ever go away?

I’m sure you’ll find the link to the guardian article previously posted interesting and a pretty good analysis of ‘class’ in British society today

It’s making me reflect on my own situation ….I guess you would say I’m from ‘working class stock’ ….most of my elders worked in the textile industry which was common in West Yorkshire at the time ….there was a LITTLE shuffling about tho ….my maternal great grandparents were from Ireland …great grandfather being killed in an industrial accident ( he worked as a delver in the stone quarries) leaving a widow and 2 daughters who were kind of hidden by relatives who worked ‘in service’ untill they got on their feet …the Mum running a haberdashery market stall and the 2 girls working in a small family run mill ….one of them running the offices when the owner was put in jail:D:D ( He was a conciensous objector to war) ….and the younger girl later going off to marry an offshore fisherman on the east coast of whom I have very fond memories of staying with in the holidays 

Ooooh where did YOU go for your holidays as a kid?


Oh and Staithes too ….and as we got older Dad got a little more adventurous …taking us hiking all over Scotland and holidays being holidays with Dad ..ALWAYS going out in boats ( think he was a fisherman at heart …..or a climber …quite a character my Dad …but I digress)

Oh and HIS Dad ( My Greatgrandfather) was ‘the mystery man’ ….it’s funny what you find out about folk after they pass on isn’t it …grandad was just grandad at the time …but after he died there were no papers ….and when we thought about it …it was a bit odd …as HE had always worked in the mills but my paternal grandmother had been a schoolteacher?…it just doesn’t add up does it?   And YES my brother has tried to find out more …he’s into family trees and the like …I think hoping to find some royal blood or somthing ….alas his searches have come to nothing on both fronts:D:D:D

The mystery man:D:D:D

So where am I going with this?

I don’t know but am rolling with it 

But anyway …yes …some RIGHT characters in my family ( I’ve said before will blog more on this subject at some point)

And yes I agree with a lot of what the guardian article is saying ….one thing for sure was there was a lot of humour around …with the older generation in particular ….was that about fear? ….Hmmmmm ……I don’t know about fear ….but if life is pretty hard you either develop a sense of humour or go under …and if folk take themselves TOO seriously WELL that’s just a joke in itself isn’t it?

Yes …Humour …maybe it’s a ‘cultural’ thing …and one the other classes could do with taking on too:D:D

And yes ….maybe there’s a point in terms of ‘education’ too …but you’ve got to think a little more creatively about ‘education’ ….education for who and for what ….it’s all very well talking about academia …but what if no’one knew how to build a house or farm the land say ….what if all your taps are leaking at home ….you’re not going to call in a University professor or a Banker are you?:D:D:D …..yes we probably need all …learn …keep an open mind … critical …keep the spirit of 3 as I call it …the wonder and why …if it adds up …keep it to build on ….if it doesn’t measure up to scrutiny ….drop it and move on

There’s room for all….it’s about value and inclusion …one is no better or worse than the other …society looks down with scorn at the ‘working class’ STILL ….expects us to be ‘aspirational’ …..but aspiring to what exactly?

There’s material wealth and greed

There’s power and control

But what else …what makes for a successful life

Life is about continual growth and learning whatever class or background you are from …it’s not ALL about the ‘working class’ making the changes …it cuts both ways;)

And that is why I do not like Theresa Mays proposal re the reintroduction of the selective grammar school system. We are in the 21st century and should be aiming for a dynamic, creative and YES academic but YES practical skills too education for all …a broad base education from 5 to 16 THEN specialise in the chosen route depending on aptitude and interest:)

Just adding my twopenneth ….take it or leave it …comments welcome:)

Oh …and if you want my PERSONAL view of ‘identity’ …YES I’m shaped by my upbringing ..but I’ve had a lot of experiences and broadening of horizons as an adult ( I kept being drawn back to West Yorkshire to support my Dad in later years but that’s another story)

Anyway yes …my current ‘identity’ is that on my ‘Halcyon’ site ….I just am …and so are you ….lets cut the crap:D:D:D;)

Ether to Blog On….Ether to Blog On….Do you read me …. Over

Erm …..what? …..I mean hello? …..who’s that? …..does this mean I’m connected? …..are you going to stop messing about now ether? ….am getting a bit fed up of this sticking, blocking …things disappearing and total crashes you hear me?


Sorry ….heh herm ( coughs, sits up straight and adopts serious tone) blog on to ether yes I read you …..I think …..I mean over

Ether to blog on you now have full connection over

HURRAH!!! …about bloody time!!! …( holds nose) count down to connection ….fastening seat belt for lift off ….five …..four ……three ……t..

What are you DOING???

Counting down …you know li..

Yes …Yes …I know …STOP being ridiculous and just be happy you now have wifi and can post to your blog

Well I should bloody well think so after what I’ve been thro

Are you NEVER satisfied? …you now have top speed fibre optic broadband so there should be no more trouble and the boys can happily use all your tech to your hearts content

And thank god for THAT ….I’ve only had to sell my soul to the devil to get it

What do you mean?

I’ve only had to get sky ….putting my money in the pocket of the corrupt media moguls Murdoch …

Oh dear

Yep ……am paying with both hard earned spondoolah AND concience ….feel like I’ve sold out
C’mon …you’ve got fibre optic broadband …ALL your kit connected …and what’s all this about ‘concience’ …who gives a shit ?

I do!

Well nobody else does

Thanks ….you’re not making this feel any better

Didn’t intend to ….

Oh ..not you as WELL ether …..I thought you were bigger and better than that

I am

Well what are you talking like that for?

I just feed back based on the messages I receive …put out based on what comes in

Well maybe you need to try ‘recieving’ different messages then

Hey ….don’t blame me …it’s not top down management here …it’s a collaborative …reciprocal carry on …I keep dropping hints but if they ain’t being picked up on

Oh ….I’ve had enough of this …I’m off ….where’s my cushion?

Oh that’s right … running off again to feel sorry for yourself and lol about on your cushion

YES! ….over and OUT!!!


Hmmmmm being a bit melodramatic aren’t we?

Blog on to ether …I said OVER and OUT …and I like this version better than Jon’s original because she sounds as tho  HER energy is completely sapped and her voice is out of sinc …

And hmmmmmmm is she smoking or is that a chip on her shoulder?:D:D:D

The alternate weekend bed companion ….

YES ……it’s a strange kind of relationship ……one I am NOT entirely comfortable with truth be known ….but these things happen…….allegedly:D:D:D

SO …..this creature came into my life …Hmmmmm can’t remember how long ago now ….Sam had just started school so ….BLIMEY she’s knocking on a bit actually:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….she was trouble from the start!!!   as a kitten she would climb up the Venetian blinds …launching herself onto the back of our necks when we were trying to eat at the dining table …amongst MANY other misdemeanours:D:D:D

To this day …when she has been out on the rampage she will come in and drop some dead creature at your feet looking up at you for a reaction ….she once brought a bat!!! …..yes that’s right A BAT!!! …..and the poor thing was NOT dead …but no doubt DEEPLY traumatised as was I !!!!:D:D:D

The kids ADORE her …..they named her Lola ……I am afraid to me she has always been ‘Cat’ …….or …..’That damned Cat’ ……to be more precise ……you see I believe her sole purpose in life is to plague me!!!:D:D:D

SO ….part of my bedtime routine is to hunt her down and chuck her out ……if not she tends to bounce onto the bed at 3am miaowing loudly and ‘paw treading ‘ your hair …. you then have a wild goose chase around the house at 3am on a bloody workday!!! ……and YES she can open doors ….and NO we don’t have a cat flap as that would be WORSE!!! ….I fear she would be inviting allsorts in knowing her …it would be a DISASTER!!!

…….my bedtime routine therefore entails clearing up all the supper things …then psyching myself up for the next part …..  I usually sneak up on her whilst she is 1/2 asleep on the sofa …speaking to her in gentle tones, picking her up and caressing her before popping her out the back door and into the night of wild parties and whatever else they get up to in Catland:D:D:D

HOWEVER ….if I do not get it quite right and she senses what I’m up to …The ears prick up …she sits bolt upright …eye balling me for a split second ….and ….WE’RE OFF!!! …..careering round the house ….skittering ….skidding …bumping into furniture ….thudding around ….meowing ….cursing ….( work out for yourself who is doing what) ….the boys will often be laughing upstairs shouting …’Mum just LEAVE her!!!’ …..but THEY don’t get the unwarranted noisy and slightly painful head massage in the early hours DO they!!!??    and I don’t like her sleeping on the beds!!!

But …I have to confess …I DO sometimes think ‘sod it’ ……give it up as a bad job….this seems to happen more often when the boys are not here ….it’s as tho she KNOWS:D:D:D ….and often as not I can’t FIND her when it comes to bedtime ….one minute she’s on my lap …the next minute …right on bedtime …she’s gone !!!    God knows where she is hiding?:D:D:D

THEN ….on waking in the morning …in that 1/2 sleep …I kind of sense someting next to me ….on the pillow ….YES ….THAT close!!! …..nose to nose!!! …..I kind of 1/2 open my eyes ….to be met by ANOTHER pair of eyes!!! ….we BOTH jump up …and the chase is ON!!!:D:D:D

Look at her …..LOOK at that expression!!! ….she’s as smug as you like!!!:D:D:D     If there IS such a thing as reincarnation I would quite like to come back as a domestic cat ….. they have the life of bloody Reilley don’t they!!!??:D:D:D

ANYWAY …….shhhhhhhhhhhhh …think I’m going to crack it this time ….yes …yes…..shhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….just take it nice n sloooooow …… we go




Buggar …….she’s OFF!!!:D:D:D