Have we lost ‘intelligence’?

If you look at the links to the 2 posts published previously you will see that one is about Wolves being re introduced to Yellowstone Park in the US and how in a short space of time …with not too many wolves …a great ‘healing’ took place ….the damaged Ecosystem of the nature reserve COMPLETELY restored AND flourishing further.

I’ve ALWAYS thought wolves were misunderstood but special creatures ….something about the ….well I’m not sure what …it’s more than their ‘appearance’ ANYWAY watch the clip ….it PROVES that wolves are tuned into Om ( or have an ‘intelligence’) WAY beyond us humans

The second link is to the blog ‘Rationalising the Universe’ which explains the repeating coil pattern occurring EVERYWHERE really:)

I am following some AMAZING blogs …’Maths by a girl’ is another favorite …this young woman is both VERY clever AND creative …she does detailed pen drawings of the microbiology of the brain which are the most WONDERFUL works of art:)

I honestly believe that there is a HUGE shift in thinking occurring …..a recognition that EVERYTHING is connected ….a systems theory where each part relates with the other kind of in an osmotic way ….the ancients KNEW it and I think it’s very nicely depicted in this …. one of my FAVORITE images ….it’s an aboriginal painting ….it not only depicts the blurring of the internal and external but also the vibrancy and energy which kicks the whole thing off …..’God’ ‘Allah’ ‘Om’ or WHATEVER you want to call it …an ‘intelligence’ higher than ours which you could argue has been lost in ‘development’ ….we are starting to acknowledge it again now tho :):):):)

Tune into Om a DIY job …….then just let the magic happen:)

I KNOW I said I was having a break from blogging and I AM ….but THIS I HAD to post ….got this from my ‘bus buddy’ Rahul late last night ……it was like going to sleep after a warm and snuggly bedtime story as a child :):):):):):)

Rahul is incredibly special ….the work he is doing …the mind he has …his joy and his soul …I am fast viewing him like a ……I was going to say like a kind of third son ……but think I will say younger brother:D:D:D;)

I am ever hopeful ……I reckon we are at the start of a major shift in thinking a REVOLUTION….AMAZING possibility ….but CRUCIALLY the ability to ‘Tune into Om’ and ‘Karma Currency’ to ensure the motivations remain sound:):):):):):)

Oh ….and guess what? ……have just got a mutual ‘follow’ from a young Venuzualan musician who I think has managed to get out …..need to spend some time translating Spanish tho so I can understand


Watch …..Enjoy …..Move in this direction:):):):):):):):)



What IS it!!!?:D:D:D

Have just zoomed in and it’s not an orb at all ….it looks like a face …how weird is THAT!!!??…maybe it was a cloud …or maybe a very tiny speck of dust on my lens …but it was invisible to the naked eye!!!???

MY GOD!!! …..has the moon got some kind of cheeky little sidekick? ….think I’ll get out there again tonight ….look up to the skies and demand …’show thyself oh cheeky little sidekick …..I’m all for humour but not tricksters ….come forth and show thyself I say’ :D:D:D

Blimey …do you think the neighbours might have me sectioned? ….do you think a few years ago I might have been burned at the stake?:D:D:D

ANYWAY …more bloody admin to catch up on …..just not getting chance to do any in the working day 😦

God …..I’m looking at it again ….it is a bit woooooo wooooooo you have to admit:D:D:D


Can’t stop having a quick look at it …it’s making me laugh …it looks to be sticking it’s tongue out …I reckon it’s that ole ‘dark matter’ taking the piss:D:D:D  I think we’re being mocked by the Universe:D:D:D

Oh ….just you wait THING I’ll be having words with YOU later:D:D:D

RIGHT back to it for an hr:(