Update on ‘The Panama Papers’ carry on …..

The anonymous source responsible for the surfacing of the Panama Papers has issued a statement on the website of the journalism consortium that has been sorting through the document trove. The unidentified whistleblower, writing under the name John Doe, rules out some of the speculation about his or her identity—”I do not work for any…


Could we REALLY be seeing the end of the ‘Old boy network’ and the uber rich who stash their money in offshore accounts and phantom businesses to avoid paying taxes that contribute to the overall wellbeing of their country …..hmmmm if I didn’t pay my taxes I’d be prosecuted …..hmmmmm and I believe there’s a name for claiming money against phantom accounts and business …it’s called FRAUD and usually brings with it a jail sentence.

Is it right that there is one rule for one and not another?

THESE are people that hold a LOT of wealth and power around the world ….I would imagine there’s a number of folk on the list who are instrumental in MAKING the laws that the rest of us MUST follow.

Hmmmmm I would like to see an honest owning up and apology by the folks involved in this ….and like would happen with the rest of us …to pay outstanding bills ….we need rules and laws BUT the same should apply to everyone shouldn’t it?

They can’t get away with this can they?

Hmmmmm we surely do live in interesting times