The Turd Apocalypse

Prologue: Aware that my reading public is breathlessly awaiting for another story and also realizing that my reputation as a Great Writer depends on my ability to finally put forth the Great Work of my career, I worked long, long hours, deep into the twilight and wrote it.  It is offered here for your enjoyment, […]
Ok ….this is another from one of my favorite bloggers ….I love ShaTara’s comments and posts …..we seem to kind of agree and disagree but I think ‘get’ where each other is coming from:D:D:D …lets just say she holds a slightly apocalyptic view whereas I am a little more hopeful:D:D:D ……Her writing is brilliant though …..ANYWAY her site is called ‘Burning Woman’ and indeed she IS:D:D

….I hope her ‘flame’ never dims ….love her to bits

Oh …and better add a disclaimer that some people might find the content ….em ….er …..lets just say check out her site and ‘follow’ if you dare:D:D:D