Optics: 7) So is it wave?

Hi, in last post I was talking about the experiment that proved that light is wave, it is creating interference in the double slit experiment instead of two lines which one would assume if it was behaving as a particle. (You can imagine bullets instead of particles). So I found out that the particle part […]

ANOTHER blog I love!!! ……this kid is teaching me science ….and in THIS post he/she is explaining QUANTUM PHYSICS!!! …….I think?      Well the basics of ….you see what I love about this guys blog is that he/she explains things in such a way EVEN I understand ….check out the site and ….

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I’m not sure where this is heading but think it might lead to a theory of how mediation works ……something to do with the double slit and particle experiment I think?

The universe IS a kind of soup after all !!! ……a mostly invisible constantly shifting SOUP! ….I think?:D:D