Yep ….both my boys are Marvel fans

Tonight ….along with the customary ‘Spot Stan Lee’……..comments have included …..

‘New York takes a bit of a battering doesn’t it’

and …

‘Why does Bucky Barnes the Winter Soldier wear a fingerless glove on his metal hand?’

reply …..

‘Even superheroes and villains like to look a LITTLE stylish’

response …….

‘So what about Captain America’s head gear?’

reply ….

‘Shhhhhhhhhh ….just watch the movie’

And there’s ALWAYS that most critical of questions ……’Should a proper superhero wear a cape?’

The answer to which of course is ‘NO’

So Captain America’s ok then:D:D:D:D

Hmmmmmmm ……between you and I ….would quite like to waft around in a superhero cape …….or better still …..zoom around with Falcoln’s wings….. IMAGINE THAT!!!:D:D:D

So ……I realise I keep going on about this …..almost like saying ‘if you just do this everything will be fine’ …. but I honestly believe that …. it doesn’t mean to say you won’t hit bumps in the road of life ….experience difficulty ….but it DOES help you get through it and over time alter your overall perspective on life ….I would say for the better:):):):):)

Now ….if you’ve read any of my blog you will know that I like to keep things simple ….basically because I am:D:D:D

I COULD get all ‘yoga speak’ on you now ….talk about Prana, Chi, Universal Energy ……or religious …… and talk about ‘God, Allah etc ….but I won’t …

No … I will just explain how to do it ….so that in future you know what I’m on about ….and if you feel so inclined ….can try it for yourself:)

As I said previously …. I kind of fell into ‘Yoga’ a number of years ago the time I could barely walk and was in a lot of pain following a fractured pelvis and joined a yoga class as a form of gentle excersise to help ease the frustration of not being able to get about as I had previously ( no yoga is NOT just about tying your body in knots:D:D:D……but BOY is it so much more than I had anticipated at the time:D:D:D

ANYWAY … you can imagine …there wasn’t a great deal I could ACTUALLY physically do initially ….the teacher simply got me to lie on a mat on the floor and focus on the breath

She had a recording of the ocean on in the background… music ….just the natural sounds of the sea

There we all were …laid flat on our backs in a dusty old hall in a slightly delapidated industrial town in the depths of winter:D:D:D

She simply got us to raise and lower our arms alternately to the same rhythm of our breath
Inhale …arm up
Exhale …arm down …and sloooow it down to a smooooth slow rhythm…focussing inward ….eyes closed


Of course to start with ….my breathing was so fast I must have looked like I was trying to take off …..thoughts also kept chattering across my mind:D:D:D

Now …I don’t know whether it’s because I couldn’t do much more than this at the time …..week in week out I would just hobble down there and do this for almost 2 hrs whilst the rest of the class who could ….got on with the full asana routines:D:D:D

ANYWAY ….within a couple of sessions the ‘mind chatter’ which is always there to begin with ….subsided very quickly and I was left with just my breath and that sublime darkness you see when you close your eyes ….eventually even noticing the breath stops and your left going deeper into the sublime darkness like a cosseting blanket … need to move your arms when you get to that
….they kind of slow down and stop automatcally anyway ….your left lying there flat on your back like a ‘corpse’ ….which IS actually the name for that position:D:D:D
And NO your NOT asleep:D:D:D ….your actually very aware strange tho it sounds ….it’s just that the focus has shifted:):):):)

And that’s as much as you need to know for now really ….

No ….you don’t need to be physically fit
You certainly don’t need to buy into all the ‘Yoga’ paraphernalia which is so hip and trendy right now ( I find it hilarious how ‘Yoga’ and ‘Mindfulness’ is being ‘marketed here in the west and seems to be aimed at ‘the beautiful people’)
You can even be a follower of ANY religion or none

Just practice this very simple technique daily ….10 or 20 mins a day with no expectation of ‘results’
Don’t ‘try’ ……in fact it’s the opposite …..just ‘let go’ with each exhale ….any ‘thought’ that comes in ….let it in ….and then let it drift out again ….focus on the calm darkness underneath and the slow rhythm of the breath like ocean waves ….just do it as part of your daily routine and see what happens over time ….
Go with the flow
Tune into Om:D:D:):):):)

And BLIMEY I do sound a bit like some kind of unlikely hippy don’t I …..but I know what I mean ….and trust me it works… a subtle but REMARKABLE way if you keep with it:)

PS) If/when you get to the stage when you can sit and just turn inwards without focussing on movement or sound to help slow your thoughts and breathing down ….that’s even better
….rest your hands on your knees …thumb and forefinger touching …….or just in your lap …..left hand on right hand with thumb tips touching …… are now in a classic meditation position …..enjoy:):):):):)


A tricky few weeks ahead …..

A number of current life threads wafting loosely ….coming together … be tied off in a knot and snipped

At the moment everything up in the air …..

Conclusions on the horizon  in a matter of days now ….

Will I be left with a nicely woven piece of fabric which I can add to …..

Weave in new threads to add to the overall pattern

Or will the knots be snipped too close ….

Frayed edges at risk of unravelling

……happy, sad, excited, scared …..

Nothing I can do but go with it and see….

Feels like riding through the eye of the wave….

Will there be calmer waters at the other side

Will the turquoise ever return




So ……..after the weekend of gruelling practice we all had our positions and were fired up and READY

Now I wish I could tell you that we came storming in and despite our disaster ous and unlikely start …went rocketing up the league table …..a miraculous tale of triumph over adversity:D:D:D

We are talking REAL LIFE here tho remember:D:D:D:D

We DID have some semblance of a proper team tho ….knew our positions and the rules of the game at least:D:D:D

Hmmmmmmm …….what I CAN tell you is that we never had a game without a few scores ….and our game DID improve as the weeks went by

The atmosphere changed too once the opposing sides realised we were no real threat … further injuries…..even the refs would sidle up and quickly whisper quick tips in our ears to secure the ball:D:D:D:D     It was all very good humoured and a lot of laughs were had by all in the end……both ON the pitch AND back at the office, where the plight of the ‘Wondergirls’ had become a ‘water cooler’ topic if you will:D:D:D

We finished second to the bottom of the league table:( …..BUT our captain had rekindled a passion and got her foot back in to a game she loved … that a result?

As for the rest of us …..I’m afraid the ‘Wondergirls’ hung up there leggings :D:D:D…..the netball team disbanded and now the working one too

Hmmmmmm I wonder if it’s symbolic in some way:)