I’ve remembered it!!!…..

‘Peter the Panda is quite in despair, he can’t find a mate, cos Pandas are rare.

He sits chewing bamboo shoots, lonely and glum. He can’t find a lady to become a Mum.

We poison the air, pull down every tree, kill other species, just for our glee.

Peter the Panda is quite in despair, he can’t find a mate, cos Pandas are rare.

Kids of the future may never see, a bear so black and white patchy as he’

Ta Daaaa …..think I was about 11 maybe 12 when I wrote that …some kind of competition at school. The first and last time I ever ‘won’ anything:D:D:D

My teacher was Mr Kellet …when I think about it now I think his first name was Peter too:D:D:D
He was a serious figure who seemed VERY old ….he had been in the RAF during WW2, had a scar on his cheek and wore the gabardine coat and trilby hat you see folk wearing in old black and white movies.

He stood out like a sore thumb amongst the youthful, guitar playing teachers at the brand, spanking new open plan middle school I attended in the 1970’s.

Oh …and he NEVER attended a ‘school disco’:D:D:D

Mr Kellet taught us about all sorts tho …we had him for the last 2 years before high school ….snippets I remember are…the industrial revolution ….the suffragette movement….the first and Second World War …the production line and rise of capitalism …the effects of industrialisation on the environment …YES …he was teaching us about environmental issues THEN!!!

It’s funny ….over the years when I have run in to folk from my school days it’s amazing how many of us have him down as our favorite teacher:):):):)

I think it’s because he made subjects relevant and interesting ….taught us to look at our surroundings and history and how it related to NOW ….he used to bring things in …take us on outings …encouraged us to not always take things at face value

Hmmmmm ….and as I think now …maybe he was partly responsible for the curious teenager who always asked ‘Why?’:D:D:D
And my spelling has NEVER been that hot:D:D:D

I remember just before we left to go up to high school tho… it had started as a normal day…..
Then at playtime rumour was going round that Mr Kellet had been taken ill in the staffroom.
We went back to class and the teacher standing in casually confirmed this and proceed to pick up the lesson …I wanted to know more but was dismissed

I was sat by the window and saw a taxi pull up …it was drizzling …the lone figure of Mr Kellet ….gaberdene coat, trilby hat, briefcase in hand …looking uncharacteristically stooped …was walking slowly up the steps

I ran out of class ignoring the ..
‘Sit Down NOW!!!’

I got to the bottom of the steps just as he was getting in the taxi
‘Mr Kellet where are you going? Are you alright’
‘What are you doing here F… you should be in class ..yes ..yes …I’m fine …now you’d better get back inside’
‘When will you be coming back? …your coming back aren’t you Mr Kellet?’
‘Yes ..Yes .I’ll be fine ..now run along’…and with that he got in the taxi

I watched as the taxi drove off …crying silent tears into the drizzle ….I was then in BIG trouble for running out

Never saw him again …hated high school and didn’t do too well ……but I THANK Mr Kellet for being an inspirational teacher and hope he realised he was to so many in that class:):):):):)

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