The ‘Game’ 

SO…..well played Mr Putin….denial of the allegations of hacking and interfering with the electoral process in the US…instead putting on an extravagant ‘ entertainment ‘ spectacle in moscow…….a nice diversion from the screaming poverty of  the vast majority of Russian people and defying  expectation by NOT retaliating to Obama’s  action of expelling Russian diplomats but instead inviting the US diplomats in Russia and their families to further revellry at  a New Years Party….if it wasnt so serious it would be funny 

I find myself agreeing with Trump on ONE thing!!!

Mr Putin is VERY clever…. we are seeing these 2  very powerful buddies portraying themselves as the good guys of the world….. 

…..for now

Unless of course they’ve had some kind of miraculous epiphany;)

Hmmmm I’ve been doing a bit of reading of late….weeeeell….Eric is deceased so I only have my phone as usable tech at the mo (So I apologise to any followers if I’m not visiting sites as previous….my viewing and commenting ability is a little limited…hmmmm I wonder why?…no…no…just joking:D:D:D

But YES one book I have just finished is ‘Big Data’ by Viktor Mayer Schonberger and Kenneth Cukler…. and ok perhaps I’m a bit slow on the uptake..think it came out in 2010

BUT….if like me you HAVEN’T read it, its WELL worth it….an easy and honest flip thro the positives and dangers of our information technology revolution…and from what I have read…yep…most things mentioned have….or are now coming to fruition.

And thanks R …will give it back when your next mentoring at the Uni…don’t have access to emails either just now but will get it sorted.

4 thoughts on “The ‘Game’ 

    1. Well….not sure how ordinary Russian people think….their media is controlled… mutually following a Russian blogger tho….a photographer mainly….or I was…am having tech trouble again.

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