Notice the bigger picture

Blogging for me is not so much about writing but reading also ……or should I say ‘absorbing’ …..stories…images …journalism …poetry ….art… ….religion …even MATHS:D:D:D

One of the FASCINATING elements is the different perspectives around the world ….there is MUCH that we all have in common ….some cultural differences but c’mon life would be pretty dull without the richness of diversity.

Which brings me back to Youbi in Nigeria ….like us all ….getting on with her life but a life framed by the socio/political climate of the country she lives.

I recently started following a news and current affairs blog called Quartz Africa and ironically have received a post this week which helped set Youbi’s post about the student fee hike against the wider context of the cultural/political landscape in Nigeria at the moment.

I urge bloggers to not JUST focus on their own blog….but to widen the scope ….get out of the ‘comfort zone’ and follow others in other countries ….read….learn ….share …connect

The 21st century IS global ……folk seem to be trying to put barriers back up …I mean crikey look at us in Europe just now ….BUT surely those days are gone ….there ARE no boundaries really ….just need to break down those barriers even if it’s just ‘virtual’ at the moment …..yep ….we just need to break down the barriers and LIFT!!!!

2 thoughts on “Notice the bigger picture

  1. Yes, the barriers are artificial, but note how desperately the elites manufacture discontent, fan the flames of racism, and endlessly create new barriers by funding “terrorist” groups to pit nation against nation; religion against religion, race against race, class against class. That method of control as as old as man’s civilization(s) and however “older” mankind has become, it’s still stuck with this disgusting 70’s slogan: “I may be older but I refuse to grow up.” A popular bumper sticker at one time, and it was thought funny. Well, the species is still proudly holding up that slogan by buying into the propaganda and demagoguery, ad nauseam. Africa and the Middle East’s failed states are coming apart at the seams (fake boundaries) but it’s not because the ordinary people living there hate each other, it’s because they are being manipulated by the Religious, Political and Monetary powers that rule this world. I predict, perhaps sadly, perhaps with a “I don’t care any longer” attitude that mankind is not going to make the effort required to overthrow its elitist power apparatus, choosing violent death over peace. I’m not even convinced that people in general actually prefer peace to violence, bloodshed and genocide. I think that mankind, emphasis on the “man” part, loves violence for the sake of violence. If he can’t have it in actual war, he’ll have it in sports, in games, in movies and in books and certainly in competition. If one relies on history to “judge” mankind then the overwhelming evidence is that man, as a civilized species, is a programmed to violence creature. Individuals who learn to think for themselves can opt out of the corporate classroom but whatever they do is not going to change the steamroller of violence that history has become.


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