Feeling REALLY flat today

ANYWAY another visit from eldest

Found a CD given to me by a young ( ish)  lad I know who was an MC….he is an amazing person… incredibly gentle and insightful yet has in the past had some terrible experiences due to racism and pre judgements due to his size….what his life experiences HAVE produced tho is one talented MC and poet 

Anyway….have listened to it again and cannot believe the poignancy

Was going to give it my son….but have decided not today….will do at some point tho

Then having dropped him off popped BBC radio 2 on……FABULOUS show….there have been a few recently…THIS one presented by Lenny Henry …listen on iplayer if you can get it

I know am a bit old fashioned but don’t know what I would do without the radio sometimes

Def a dandilion

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