Where’s it gone exactly?

So I lost 2 posts yesterday …Hmmmm ….god knows where …but also I hear that the global markets have lost $2 Trillion and counting …..WHERE HAS IT GONE!??? …..all we did was pop a few bits of paper in a few boxes on this little group of islands  …then we went to bed and woke up again to be informed that there were more little scribbles on the bits of paper saying this than that …..

It’s meaningless …It’s just numbers ….DON’T PANIC!!!

I have a solution to all this ….just turn ALL the tech off and on again ….wipe the slate clean  …….O in every single financial institution across the world ….then work out how many folk there are out there … get everyone to open a little account and give each person a number …the same number …Hmmmm what shall we have? ….what do you reckon? ….a million each? …….Hmmmmm no that might not be necassary …maybe 100,000 ….or keep it simple …let’s say 10,000 ….then we can all choose to spend it as we like …YEP …give us a figure …a number ….a point system and pop it into all our accounts on a monthly basis ….SORTED:D:D:D

And WHY exactly can’t that be done?

It’s just abstract figures afterall

I mean think about it ………ever heard of quantative easing? 😉


7 thoughts on “Where’s it gone exactly?

  1. You solution is within the realm of the possible, of course, but it would not work: “man” is incapable of taking responsibility even for that little bit. Within a few years, the same imbalance would be in effect, the simple minded, the stoopid dumb and dumber will have squandered, gambled, lost their share to the sharks. “God” tried equalizing the slate with the flood, and the Noah experiment and look how well that turned out. Until individuals decide to become self-empowered and teach themselves how to interact compassionately with one-another, all other lesser solutions will remain pie-in-the-sky dreams of children and the few truly well-meaning such as yourself.

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    1. Hey ShaTara
      Yes I know …just working on trying to maintain my own equalibrium on this crazy journey we call ‘life’ ….that’s all we can do really …ride the waves as best we can ….and sometimes I just have to laugh at the crazy antics going on ….it can tip to dispair sometimes BUT if we allow the despair to take over for too long it feels like wasted and futile energy
      We certainly live in interesting times don’t we?

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  2. It would be funny, how a few big banks rule the world, if not for the fact that it causes so much widespread hardship, their imbalanced usury system.

    The solutions only apply to the rich, but not just people born rich, if you can build the right type of business then you can benefit as well. However, I don’t have such a business (yet, working towards it, what else can I do?) and it doesn’t solve the problems of national debt, which makes no sense unless you like the idea of slavery… for centuries, though, humanity did like the idea of slavery, in the main, so I guess it is just back to normal.

    Not sure how to solve man’s inhumanity to man. The Equilibrium method, drug everyone, legal or not, seems to be the general trend.

    I shouldn’t really really care, though… I am actually hopeful of at least solving it for my own sake, and few people with me, and that’s all you really need. The trans-geographical nations will eventually become the dominant kind, whether informal groups, syndicates, or megacorps.

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